Niečo o USA v angličtine

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Tak, mala som napísať niečo o americkej škole na anglinu. Dosť som sa ponáhlala. Pááči??

My spent time in the USA

During summer holidays I again visited the USA, where my family lives. I spent one month there and it was nonesuch time. Why? Because I went there to school for three weeks! I was there with my two cousins.
I think that it gave me a lot of experiences. Just try to imagine that you are seven hours studying and talking only in English. Someone can say that it is easy, but although I am quite good speaker, it wasn´t easy even for me!

First thing I want to share with you is how did the school look and work.
I stood up at seven o´clock. The school started at eight am. Every morning we had to choose our snack, because there was only lunch and one break to eat.
School was very small because it was private. There were about fifty children in whole school and in average about five children in one class, so that was point for that school. It was intensive, but difficult and they had a lot of homework.
Their timetable was every day same. First, all middle schoolers (the other children were too small to learn with us), met in one big classroom. Middle schoolers are children in ages between ten and fourteen! Then the older guys went to Math. The younger guys (including me), had English. Usually it was my favorite subject. Then we changed. Our group went to Math and the second group studied English. Math was very intensive, because we were only four there and I learned a bit of fractions. After that two groups split. We were eight together and we had learning leap. It was fortunately easier part of studying. After that we had lunch. Twice a week we brought our lunch from house, including snack. Three times a week they gave us lunch.
After lunch, we had science, where we wrote a lot. We did some notes and we had to write essay from those or write a test, or we did things like exploration. It was fun, but also difficult for me. The break was the best part. We played games outside for fifteen minutes and we ate our snack. And after break, we had Social Studies and then P.E. or Art. And that was the end!
Every day seven hours, really intensive.

By the way, I also want to tell you something about the teacher and students. They were really friendly; they helped me every time I needed help, so I was really thankful for that. I found a lot of friends there and I was happy to see them every day.

And what about the apparatuses?
It was different than in our school of course. The school was really pretty and it had everything it needed. Everything was new and clean.

I really enjoyed it there and I hope, I will have another chance to come there.

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